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ordinary. >>megyn: the anothers of this string of births happening are 1 in 500,000! janice dean believes we need an alert before the alert comes. to alert you. about the alert. here is shepard smith. >>shepard: i looked at the monitor and i wondered if you were having another kid? >>megyn: other 19 mothers. >>shepard: guess who is on with us? yolanda. from channel 7, the lottery draw ing. >>megyn: that is exciting. i got to go downstairs right now. >>shepard: see you. the news begins anew, and powerball mania sweeping the nation, the jackpot tonight is
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$50 billion, actually $550 million, maybe a lawmaker will win and donate it to the fiscal cliff, and she will be here to tell us about it. palestinian leaders headed to the united nations for the landmark vote. should palestinians get statehood? how would that work? what could it mean for peace in the middle east? and the biggest names in all of baseball on the ballot for the hall of fame including three players suspected of having used performance enhancing drugs. what to do in the time of sports, what to do with steroids? that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. >> first from fox at 3:00 in new york city the fight over the so-called fiscal cliff has gone from negotiations to playing out in public. today the president laid out the plan to step the looming tax hike in a public push that seemed like a campaign event.
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president obama meeting with a group of what he described as middle class americans, and repeated the argument for raising taxes on families earning more than $250,000, a plan which republicans so far reject. the president said the re-election shows a majority of americans support his approach. >> not just democrats but also a lot of republicans and a lot of independents agreed we should have a balanced approach to deficit reduction that doesn't hurt the economy or hurt middle class families. glad to see if you have been reading the pains more and more republicans in congress are agreeing with this idea we should have a balanced approach. >>shepard: he referenced some in the g.o.p. who signal they could be willing to play bull. the republican leadership still is insisting they will not consider tax hikes. >> republicans are willing to put revenue on the table the it is time for the president and democrats to get serious on the
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spending problem our country has. >>shepard: president obama continues the p.r. blitz. later today he is scheduled to meet with big business leaders to discuss the proposed fix to the fiscal cliff. ed henry is live with us at the white house. what seem it is to be lost in this is the tax cuts going to expire. that's it. if they want to extend them on some, they can. but he will not allow it on people who make more. what part of this is confusing? >>reporter: a lot of other pieces that are confusing because no one wants to come to the table and work that out. if they just sat down they could probably figure this out. what republicans say they are frustrated about when the president talks about a balanced approach, they say in the campaign it was not just raising taxes on the rich but about cutting spending, that was the balanced approach. if you listened closely today the president focused on the tax changes in the short term, but
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suggested, then, we could wait for the spending cuts until next year. >> it would give us more time than next year to work together on a comprehensive plan to bring down our deficits, to streamline our tax system in a balanced way. that includes asking the wealthiest to pay more. >>reporter: republicans believe the president is saying he will kick the can down the road on the actual spending cuts that republicans believe will have a bigger role in terms of bringing down the debt and they are upset at the president about campaigning on the issues. he is ending the campaign tomorrow by hosting mitt romney for lunch their first post election meeting. >>shepard: could the split derail things? >>reporter: it could. the president had in the other soundbite a growing number of republicans that are saying, well, maybe they should go back on their pledges to not raise
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taxes. you have erskine bowles saying, wait, there is a 2-3 chance we will go over the fiscal cliff which will rattle the market. speaker boehner said he doesn't want to go over the cliff but if the president accident put out spending cuts he could be ready. >> we have had a spending crisis coming at us like a freight train. it has to be dealt with. >>reporter: republican senator coburn today said if congress doesn't settle all of this the markets will. what he means, if they cannot figure out this bickering, we are going to see the markets react in a violent way and some of the lawmakers believe congress will come back in session and fix all of this. >>shepard: isn't there is simple way out, ed, tax cuts are going to expire. no one has to do anything. they expire. then republicans don't have to go back on the pledge because they can't do anything whether
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they want or not. what they can do is lower taxes on middle class americans. >>reporter: they are saying what they believe is on top of that you have the automatic defense cuts that are kicking in at the end of the year and they believe if you let all of this happen on the tax side, on the spending side there will be big cuts to the pentagon but not likewise cuts to medicare and other big entitlement programs and they believe that is another part. on the tax issue the republicans are playing defense. if they don't act the white house is ready to blame this on them in terms of going off the cliff. after coming out of the election where the republicans nuclear a hit the white house hopes they will not want to take another big blow after the election so quickly. >>shepard: powerball sales are skyrocketing, upping the jackpot and the odds someone will win the big surprise tonight. it is at $550 million.
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that is a record for powerball. the odds are slim of swinging, 1 in 75 million but zero chance if you don't buy. people are dreaming. >> i felt my whole life i was supposed to be rip. >> pay the bills and house off. not have to work. ever again. >> i have 17 charities first. they come first. >> i want to buy a house. >> how will you spend it? >> take a day off. >> officials say this is a 75 percent chance now that someone or multiple somebodies will win tonight. rick is on long island, new york. a lot of folks there open for reversal of fortune. rick: they are. everyone here is telling us if they win they will share but the odds of winning are the same as flipping a coin and getting heads 27 times in a row. in other words, minuscule odds.
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still with the lump sum pay out of $360 million it is irresistable if people and the $2 tickets are selling at more than 100,000 every minute across the country. new mexico has said nearly $15 million in three days and new hampshire at a rate four times the average. in long beach a lot of folk would lost their home and possessions are say this is a terrific way to turn things around. >> hopefully i'll be lucky. >> what would it mean? >> a lot. it would help us. but i would try to help out some of my friends and neighbors who suffered more than i did. so hopefully we will spread the wealth a little bit. >> all you need to do is pick the correct five numbers between 1 and 59 and 9 correct powerball between 1 and 35 and the anothers of being seriously injured in an unprovoked
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alligator attack are better odds. >>shepard: on the day of the big drawing the numbers go up. rick: because it is 50-50 prize paul. half goes to the state and half to the pool. the bigger the prize the more people to play and the more people to play, the bigger the prize. you have 42 states and the district, and the virgin islands and this mean as lot of tickets are being sold and the busiest terminals are in towns that border states that don't have powerball like california. people are driving across the border into arizona to buy the tickets to chase this prize, the largest in the history of powerball and the second largest in the history of the lotteries. we covered that $656 mega prize in march. if no one wins tonight, as you said, someone probably will, the jackpot will be near $1 billion next saturday and of course you can read more about it on
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>>shepard: $1 billion. the one and only yolanda vegas is joining us, the face and voice of new york state lottery. almost 23 years. how did that get going? >>guest: right place at the right time, i have a degree in business economics, i was doing my jobs, they wanted someone. and you at 11:00 each night, would watch the balls. this is kind of the only thing anyone is talking about. >>guest: because it can make dreams come true. it is about being happy. and dreaming. and visual using what can happen to your life, how it can change from where it is now because a lot of people are in bad places. >>shepard: when people see you on the street they ask you tips. >>guest: they ask tips, they want to touch me, they want to do everything.
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i tell them to continue to play quick pick and play the anniversaries but put $2 on quick pick because a lot of winners on quick pit. >>shepard: when you meet the winners, is there a constant? >>guest: they are quiet initially. they have won millions. they are exposed to the public. they are protective. but so happy. delighted. >>shepard: if people who win need a land and to have this good lawyers. >>guest: i tell people when you get the ticket, first make sure it is the powerball ticket you asked for and they didn't slip you another ticket and turn it over and sign it. and i would keep it in a safe place regardless because there are so many prices beside the jackpot, second private for getting the five numbered is $1 million. >>neil: nothing to needs at. >>guest: if you get second price and you get $1 million, maybe you are upset but that is
12:12 pm
$1 million, come on. >>shepard: when you first started doing the jackpot you would say your name and some of the bosses are like, come on. >>guest: i first started, i was on caffeine and six months into the job, and i am saying i am yolanda and a director said you are subjecting up time, and i was say that is how i say my name and i am proud and i was on oprah in 1994 and she did it. >>shepard: give us the start of the drawing. >>guest: new york lottery's number and four midday drawing, for wednesday, november 28, 2012, and i am yolanda vega. the first ball up is -- and i go on. and the next. and the next. >>shepard: i am sure there is one wherever you live and everyone knows that face and that vis and it is 11:00 and i hear the ratings skyrocket on nights like this. >>guest: they sure do it is
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amazing. people tune in. they are waiting with their tickets in hand hoping that lucky numbers will be called. >>shepard: nice to meet you. see you at 11:00. >>guest: you will see florida, tallahassee, florida, at 11:00, whoever that is. that would be me. >>shepard: thank yous. egypt right now is fractured in a big way. the people there, the president, the courts, all fighting for power and no one knows who will come out on top. we will have a like update from cairo. a new study shows most of the pork we eat is contaminated with dangerous bacteria. it is a really danger according to the health experts. people really love snapshot from progressive, but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later,
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>>shepard: sometime a horrible mess in egypt, with tear gas and
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rubber bullets and protesters keeping their battle with police up as they continue to demonstrate against the new president. the period of times say they are very angry with the president morsi's power grab where he put himself above the law. he claims it is only "temporary." a lot of people are skeptical given egypt's history of a dictatorship. and now a look at tahrir square with thousands have been camping out. they are not going anywhere until president morsi rescinded the decree. lawmakers are working on a new constitution that could ease the crisis. but judges on egypt's highest courts are not very optimistic at all, almost all of the judges went on strike today and they are not coming back until the president gives up his demand for dictatorship. our man in cairo is steve
12:18 pm
harrigan. >>reporter: the numbers are down sharply and i can count one, two, three, four cans of tear gas being fired off. several thousand people are out tonight for the sixth night but last night larger numbers, up to 200,000 people, in the demonstration was reminiscent to those that overthrew mubarak two years ago. a couple of important differences to keep in mind with president morsi. he was elected by 52 percent of the vote six months ago. and he still has strong public support. the muslim brotherhood will come out in force to show their support if the president. >>shepard: there is talk of a compromise. what is the climate for a compromise? >>reporter: we have not seen movement on either side. the presidential strategy at this point seems to be just to
12:19 pm
wait and hope the protesters filter out and go home. on the opposition side they say they will not talk to the president, no dialogue at all until he backed down and pulls the decrease so no movement toward the compromise. >>shepard: thank you, steve. tobacco companies have to print warning labels on their products. now they may have to go further. a judge has issued a ruling selling bosses they must admit they lied. and lied for decades. what it means for big tobacco.
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>>shepard: the pass has met with his cabinet and discussed a number of issues we have been following. in a moment, the white house is going do play back the tape of the statement he made in front of the cameras.
12:22 pm
among the things he is discussing today, the fiscal cliff. we go over that at the end of the year when the tax cuts expire and spending cuts go into place. he talks about susan rice, the ambassador to the united nations who spoke after the attack in benghazi. >> with my full cabinet for the first time since the election took place, and the primary purpose is to say thank you because everyone here in their respective agencies has done a remarkable job on behalf of the american people across the board on a wide range of issues. they have always prioritized thousand make sure we have a strong middle class and how we grow our economy and put people back to work and how we keep the american people safe and continue to extend our influence and our ideals around the world. i could not have a better
12:23 pm
collection of people. any of whom have stayed here throughout my first term. we have had little turnover as any president during the course of a first term and the reason is because everyone has done such a remarkable job. so my main purpose is to say thank you. also remind them we have a lot of work to do. there will be a few specific issues, one in particular that i should net is that the devastating impact of hurricane sandy is still being felt by families all across new york, new jersey, parts of connecticut, and we are very pleased under the leadership of janet napolitano and fema but now donovan, we are focusing not only on recovery but, now, on rebuilding and making sure the communes come back stronger than ever and they get the help they need. that will be an important topic
12:24 pm
because it is going to be an inner agency concern. second we will talk about what is on the minds of a lot of american families and that is making sure we get this fiscal cliff dealt with and that middle class taxes don't go up. i spoke extensively about that today. i will repeat, there is no reason why taxes on middle class families should go up and it would be bad for the economy and for those families and it would be bad for the world economy. it is very important to get that resolved and i am very open to a fair and balanced approach to reduce our deficit and provide the kind of certainty that businesses and consumers need so we can keep this recovery going. obviously, we will be spending some time talking about national security issues. i want to say thank you to this extraordinary cabinet for a job well done and i take this opportunity to publicly embarrass two members whose
12:25 pm
birthdays are either today or tomorrow, rich, happy birthday to you, rich. that is tale today. and janet napolitano's birthday is tomorrow. guys, thank you. we want to get back to work. thank you, guys. could not be prouder of the job that susan rice has done. >>shepard: very rare for the president to take a question and actually answer it at the end of one of those. you heard him say in the past it would be a precedent to answer a question now because that would make people scream at me all the time with questions. he must have used this question as an opportunity to restate
12:26 pm
something he stated before, that s rise has done an extraordinary job and could not be prouder and he is standing beside here and he realizes that the evidence is she was given information from the intelligence officials and she read that information and as far as her doing anything wrong from his standpoint she didn't. she is clean as a whistle from his perspective. republicans are turning against her and republicans want more answers, they say. in fact, they met with her yesterday and said they were more disappointed than, or had more questions than before they met with her. you wonder what they want to hear. catherine is in washington, dc, this afternoon. there are a lot of different ways to look at this. many on the democrats' side think they have a winning issue because of the items that were put forth. on top of that, she is a woman. she is a minority. that's where the republicans had problems in the last election.
12:27 pm
democrats seem to think this is good for them. >> democrats are firmly behind rice. that we saw play out today on capitol hill was a second set of the face to face discussions, republican senators did not get behind ambassador rice and senator corker in line to become the senior republican on the foreign affairs committee told reporters "she reminds me of someone who has had every drop of kool-aid, she sounds like she would be a great head of the democratic national committee." after the meetings today the senator toned down the language of any potential secretary of state nominee. >> hopefully it will be someone that is able to show independence and have the ability to lead this nation and the world through the difficulty we have. >>shepard: another republican senator says she is bothered by the fact that benghazi a carbon copy of the 1998 attacks on the u.s. embassy in east africa when
12:28 pm
susan rice was head of the region for the state department and, again, arches begged for more security. >> i asked ambassador rice what her role was and she said she would have to refresh her memory but she was not involved directly in turning down the request. >> also, today, asked whether meeting with six members of the senate seemed presumptuous given there is no official nomination announced and democrats fully supported ambassador rice's proactive approach, they said. >> i respect that of her. however the president decides the nomination, i hope he nominated her, she would make a great secretary of state. >>reporter: she has met with a total of six senators and would need about at least six to get that mammock number of 60 to hit
12:29 pm
confirmation if she is at the end of the day nominated for the position. >>shepard: she needs six republicans to vote with the chemicals. >>reporter: the split is a little different next session but if you see how it plays out she met with her critics in the meetings and then also with more moderate members. >>shepard: tobacco companies deliberately lied about the dangers of smoking and now they have to confess after they have been ordered to take out advertisements admitting they deceived the public to finalize the wording of the ads which the judge ordered back in 2006. they must publish "smoking kills on average 1,200 americans every day." or "smoking kills more people than murder, aids, suicide, drugs and alcohol and car crashes combined."
12:30 pm
the judge said that the ad campaign is a fair way to balance big tobacco's false advertising going back to at least 1964. officials argue that it adds up to forced public confession, to shame and humiliate them. and now, the chief business correspondent for u.s. news and world report is here, the author of "rebounders, how winners pivot from set back to success." they have known they will have to do something for, like, six years. >>guest: it is if the tobacco companies forgot, one thing piled on a huge pile of recriminations when they had the settlement paying more than $200 billion to settle all of the problems with tobacco and this was the second wave. it started in 1999 and decided in 2006 and now they will write the ads. you would think this would close the book on all of the lawsuits
12:31 pm
against the tobacco company. it has been 10 years now and everyone knows, smoking is bad for you. >>shepard: it is not like the advertisements will be a news flash. >>guest: economists would call this diminishing returns. after 12 or 14 years people get the idea everyone knows smoking is not healthy. but tobacco companies are still profitable. they have stable but declining business and stable in europe, and gang busters growing in asia >>shepard: left out of the discussion is the governments could not live without the tobacco companies which is why we can buy the product. downstairs in this building you can pay $15 a pack. >>guest: the tax in new york city is north of $5 a pack. it is a great sin tax and governments are taking all the revenue they can get.
12:32 pm
thank you. united nations is set to vote on whether to recognize a state of palestine which will probably spas what it could mean for israel and the rest of the world days after israel reached a cease-fire with gaza.
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12:36 pm
a state of palestine. the vote is expected to pass, of course it is largely symbolic because palestine what now suddenly be a new country but limited statehood. but the united states and israel are very much against the move because it could give palestinians new leverage on the world stage against the israeli government. keep in mind, the palestinians are now divided into two areas, the west bank which the palestinian authority governs and the gaza strip which hamas runs. in the middle of it is israel. the fox report's jonathan hunt is live at the united nations with more. what is the argument? >>jonathan: the main united states concern and those others who opposed this bid by the palestinians is the palestinians could try to take advantage of u.n. recognition to use other international institutions to criticize israel publicly. most notably, the international criminal court. palestinians previously have
12:37 pm
indicated they will press war crime charges against israel using the court over the sort of violence we have seen recently and in year's past in gaza. u.s. officials believe that kind of move and this bid if unilateral statehood will lessen rather than improve the chance for peace. israeli officials agree. >> they can get paper from the u.n. but they will not move peace forward or make palestinian stood hood more real. the only change to change reality and to build future is through peace talks. >>jonathan: but in the absence of the pest talks palestinians are determined to ignore united states and israeli objections and press ahead with the vote tomorrow. >>shepard: the united states will certainly be in the minority on this. >>jonathan: two-thirds of the 193-member general assembly will vote in favor of this motion. among those saying "yes" will be
12:38 pm
france and china, important security council members. the united states will be joined in saying "no" by germany and britain and australia have indicated they will abstain. those countries saying "yes" agreed with the argument the vote could strengthen moderate palestinian president would has been meeting officials in new york against the more radical hamas which has gained popular support after this month's conflict with israel. palestinian negotiators say this move is all about promoting peaces not looking for a fight. (inaudible). >> we are here to resist the two-state solution. >> that vote will, indeed, happen tomorrow afternoon and probably around this point, $3:00 p.m. eastern and it will
12:39 pm
of course be historic. the question remains, how will it change the course history. >> we will talk about that and bring in make barrett former intelligence officer for the office of the secretary of state, and is the c.e.o. of the consulting firm diligence innovations. what would it do? >>guest: it is important people renice it does not do anything on the broad scale with the politics. two-thirds in the john -- general assembly already support the palestinians openly. it will not change that. but the palestinian heard is down to two sides: hamas, the more radical side, versus the p.l.o. and they have elections coming up and they have to have something to show for their time in power. the argument you are actually going to secretten -- strengthen
12:40 pm
their hand and load to a two-state solution has some sense coming off the back of the cease-fire, hamas is clearly in power and that is not good for anyone. great britain is close to being a yes vote on recognition by the united states and if the brits are there, not many left on the or side. >> that is true. the state of israel has had a challenging relationship with many countries in european and around the rest of the world for a long-term. there is a good reason we have a security council which has some power and influence and a john -- general assembly which doesn't. we do not want to be in a world where 51 percent of the countries could make a decision on countries that mean life-or-death. >>shepard: what does it mean to the rest of the arab world to see this sort of a declaration
12:41 pm
from the john assembly? >>guest: what we are seeing, hamas is strengthened and egypt's new leader is strengthened. if general, what this will stay, it is the united states and israel again are laying into the whole nation that widely espoused that there is a zion conspiracy, so is just going to be another feather in that cap. in terms of analyzing the situation, the reality is with or without this, that is the sentiment on the street and not any major change in that opinion. >>shepard: thank you from washington, dc, mike barrett. >> most of the pork you eat is contaminated with dangerous bacteria. the real danger isn't just from the "bugs." it is from what the farmers are intentionally putting inside the animals. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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>>shepard: if you like pork at grocery store and buy it there odds are it is loaded with stomach turning germs according to the "security reports." 70 percent of raw pork is contaminated with bacteria, serious germs which give you fever and crashes and bloody diarrhea. officials say 100,000 people get sick and have symptoms like bloody diarrhea each year. the chances of getting sick from pork are low. the germs die if you cook it right. the experts say this points to a bigger problem with the food supply. some of the bacteria appears to be resistant to drugs now. experts say that is because farm workers pump the pigs full of antibought ins do make sure they
12:46 pm
grow bigger for slaughter. now, doctor, here from university hospitals of cleveland. doctor, thank you. >>guest: hello! >>shepard: if you overcook the pig it is not as good as if you congress it normal. >>guest: do you really want an undercooked rib? don't you want your rib cooked well? there is nothing wrong with cooking your pork to 145 degrees internal temperature if it is a roast. or 160 degrees if it is ground pork. >>shepard: i like bacon crisp. >>guest: well, the bacon is going to be okay. >>shepard: is this a problem with part of what happens in the kitchen we put stuff on the counter or some of the blood and juices drip on the counter and it is on the counter. >>guest: there are certain cooking practices you should do.
12:47 pm
do not use the same board to cut your meat as vegetables or prepare other things but if you do watch it with hot water and the same for chicken. with chicken you can get salmonella. only thing that we still eat raw is beef. i like mine quivering from the cow but most want theirs more done. >>shepard: people should not be freaking out about the bloody diarrhea from the pork? >>guest: it is only 100,000 cases in the whole country in a year and it tale doesn't need antibiotics to treat. most get better on their own. but, also, this bacteria is found in unpasturized milk and contaminated water supplies so to people are drinking from streams or lakes you can get it there, as or unpasturized
12:48 pm
milk. a lot of people like to get their milk raw from the farmer. you have that risk. >> a dietitian i know says all the time, bacon isn't even a meat under school classification of food. bacon is just a "fat." she is like, it is the last food you should ever eat. but it is so good. >>guest: well, everything in moderation. do not have bacon each day. if you have oatmeal six day as week and you have bacon on sunday morning or saturday morning you will be fine. but don't walk out of the studio and you get hit by a car and as they take you to the hospital you think you should have eaten that strip of bacon. >>shepard: i like you, that is good advise, all things in moderation. good to see you. >>guest: thank you. >>shepard: don't want the symptoms to come your way. major league baseball home run king bonds has been suspected of
12:49 pm
having use the performance enhancing drugs. suspected. and today he joins other "suspected" steroid users to the hall of fame. baseball. next. after this. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>shepard: the battle over steroids is going to cooperstown with the candidates announced for the january hall of fame vote and the biggest names in the game including three players suspected of having used performance enhancing drugs, barry bonds, and roger clemens and seems like sammy sosa.
12:53 pm
this year's vote is seen as a referendum on baseball's steroid era. if voting on player would have been suspected of drug use is any indication, the prospects do not look good. and mark mcguire is 10th on all time home run but in six tries at the half fame he has only gotten 24 percent, and to get in you need 75 percent. trace is following this. you spoke with one of the 500 writer whose votes, right? >>trace: yes, the lead baseball writer at fox sports will not vote phoebe -- vote for barry bonds or sammy sosa, or roger clemens because he believes they were so prevalent, the steroids during that time they should all be kept out of the hall of fame. >> you are supposed to consider
12:54 pm
character, integrity, and sportsmanship and you can lock at that anyway way you want to. the hall of fame is thought a privilege. it is something that is an honor. it is something that people vote for. it is not something players are entitled to. >>trace: barry bonds does not understand what the controversy about and he wonders why the sportswriter cannot just turn the page. >>shepard: some ask why they think they are judge and jury on everything, but here they are. >>trace: they are. because some say they are voting on their suspicions. remember, sammy sosa testified positive for steroids back in 2003 but to this senior day, sammy sosa claims he did not use the performance enhancing drugs. and bare bonds admitted it but said he was duped, a trainer misled him and said he was using arthritis cream, not convicted, and roger clemens not only denies using steroids but he was
12:55 pm
recently found not guilty lying to congress so some believe that others are acting like the moral his. >> they are taking it upon themselves to legislate who will get in the hall of fame not based on stats which necessity have the stats and in some cases like bonds all time records, they are doing it from a standpoint of we think you took the drugs. we will not let you in. >>trace: the writers have until the end of december to submit their ballots. >>shepard: cops discover a marijuana garden, two alligators and a stripper pole. the rest is ahead.
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
called it "filth" and told people to stop watching it but wants to make clear, i am grateful without classification and have the highest regard for and respect for all the wonderful people on "2 1/2 men." he is 19. he grew up on screen. he now is one of the highest paid teenage actors putting in approximately $8 million per year. and before we wrap it up, cops responded to reports of a shooting at a house in olympia washington, that was monday night. they found what they say was a drug deal gone bad and they looked at place they found 15 pot plants. and two alligators. and a stripper pole. the victim was not seriously hurt. the rest of the stuff, the suspect in the shooting said he has prescription for the marijuana, it is washington. the gators may have been there to guard the pot but they are legal to own as pets in washington. so they may have just stayed there. police say the suec

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